OGYC Classifieds

Welcome to the OGYC Classifieds section.

+ Members and non-members can add items.  Members need to log-in to post an ad.

+ Non-members can send their sales copy to info@ogyc.org to be reviewed and placed.

There are few simple guidelines.

  • Advertise only items that relate to boating
  • Only post the item once
  • OGYC has no part in the transaction.  It is only providing the bulletin board.
  • The moderator will remove any content that does not relate to the purpose and theme of the forum.
For members to add an item for sale...
  • Log-in to the website
  • Press the "Create Topic" button
  • Fill in the Subject and Body of the form
  • Press "Create" at the bottom of the page
To get an e-mail notification when an item has been added or somebody has made a comment, click on the "subscribe" link

When you sell your item, please come back and edit your entry saying it has been sold.

The URL for this page is http://ogyc.org/classifieds

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