Water Programs at OGYC


Kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, power boat trips and cruising are very popular activities at OGYC. The Club organizes of a variety of outings and social gatherings to promote these activities.


Kayak and Paddle Boarding

We will have weekend Kayak and Paddle Board events at Greenwich Community Sailing.  Members enjoy instruction and a tour of the Cove, along with discounts on rentals. 


Family Fishing Days

Twice each season parents and children will have lunch and then venture out with rods and reels.  Everyone is guaranteed to catch a fish!


Power Boat Trips

The club plans trips throughout the season to Northport, Sand Hole, Sagamore, water festivals and more. Particularly popular are the three Island Beach sunset cookouts.  The club uses our 25' power boat Semper Fi to transport non boat owners and members with boats join us in their vessels.

Many OGYC members own sailboats and enjoy day and weekend trips to other Long Island Sound Yacht Clubs.  During the season longer trips up the coast to Maine are popular as well.

Spectator Events
Don't race but like to watch?  Join other members and watch a Regatta up close on our club power boat.

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